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We get that technology is always evolving, and we’re here to make it easy for you. Our experts are here to help you plan, decide, and put your tech changes into action. Every year, we lead projects that move people between different places, systems, and apps. We’re also experts in helping IT departments switch between computer setups and networks. Whether it’s a big move or just some simple tech changes, we’ve got you covered.


Solution Shop is all about making sure you get the most out of your tech. Our method handles the practical, digital, and operational challenges that come with change.  Our team of pros make even the most complex migrating projects smooth and easy. We collaborate closely with you throughout the entire process, enabling you to focus on your core business priorities.

  • Support of PBX and Trader Voice products (IPC, Cisco, Avaya, Teams, BT, Speakerbus, Etrali)

  • Project management 

  • Data collection and transfer 

  • Implementation of new systems

  • Training (onsite and remote) 

IMAC/D Process 

Installation: We thoroughly check new devices for functionality and security before integrating them into our main system. Just like in all Solution Shop processes, we make sure to label and track everything accurately to manage our inventory effectively.

Moves: Transferring devices between locations can be tricky, but our process ensures a smooth transition. We disconnect and uninstall devices and systems carefully, securely moving hardware to its new user’s location. We reactivate devices, install and test systems, ensuring that it’s business as usual the next working day.

Additions: Whether it’s adding a new software system or upgrading hardware, we focus on causing minimal disruption. If needed, we provide training and thoroughly test updates to ensure improved performance.

Changes: When hardware isn’t performing as it should, our consultants step in to stabilize the situation and protect or recover data. If new equipment is required, we make a business case for it and install it with minimal disruption.

Disposal: We take responsibility for recycling or disposing of all unusable equipment in an environmentally responsible manner.

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